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The Environmental Review Toolkit is a one-stop resource for information and updates about transportation and environment.

The Toolkit provides up-to-date information on transportation and environment policy, guidance, best practices, and training. View all highlights
Implementing the Eco-Logical Approach
The Eco-Logical approach organizes current methods for addressing natural resource identification, avoidance, minimization and mitigation into a systematic, step-wise process that starts at the beginning of the transportation planning process and concludes with establishing programmatic approaches to recurring natural resource issues that are implemented at the project level. View all highlights
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The ESA Webtool is an online tool to streamline the preparation of Biological Assessments and the consultation process under Section 7 of the Federal Endangered Species Act for projects where the Federal Highway Administration is the lead federal action agency. View all highlights
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The Environmental Guidebook provides up-to-date information on a variety of environmental and transportation planning topics to accelerate the delivery of transportation projects. View all highlights
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Re:NEPA is the Federal Highway Administration's online "community of practice." Re:NEPA supports and encourages the open exchange of knowledge, information, experience, and ideas about the National Environmental Policy Act, related environmental issues, and transportation decisionmaking. View all highlights
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The Environmental Competency Building Program provides a central source of information for transportation and environmental professionals to develop competency in the environmental disciplines required for their work. View all highlights
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