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ACTION: Exemplary Human Environment and Exemplary Ecosystems Initiatives: Annual Call for Entries
/S/Original signed by
Date: April 6, 2010
April Marchese
Director, Office of Natural and Human Environment

/S/Original signed by
Patricia Cazenas
Acting Director, Office of Project Development and Environmental Review
In Reply Refer To: HEPN-30
Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

The purpose of this memo is to advise you that we are currently accepting nominations for two recognition programs, the Exemplary Ecosystem Initiative (EEI) and the Exemplary Human Environment Initiative (EHEI). Nominations for both programs will be due May 17, 2010. As in previous years, a project can be nominated for an EHEI, an EEI, or for both programs. In addition, we are asking for information regarding sustainability elements of these or other projects. The two programs, the call for sustainable project information, and the nomination procedures are described below.

EHEI Program

The Exemplary Human Environment Initiative recognizes outstanding examples of transportation projects that either create or improve conditions for human activities. This program is an opportunity to broaden our stewardship of the human environment as it is affected by transportation. By recognizing these EHEIs, we acknowledge the important efforts of our partners to expand and enhance human activity associated with transportation projects. The EHEIs also showcase activities that other localities can implement. There are six eligible categories of activities:

  1. Encouraging Nonmotorized Transportation
  2. Enhancing the Environment for Human Activities
  3. Process Improvements
  4. Educational and Training Programs
  5. Product Development
  6. Other innovative projects that demonstrate the characteristics of EHEIs

For more information about these categories, please go to the EHEI web site: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/ehei

EEI Program

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) identifies exemplary ecosystem and habitat projects that are unique or highly unusual in their (a) geographic scope; (b) use of cutting edge science or technology; (c) high level of environmental standards; (d) high quality of results achieved; and/or (e) recognition by environmental interests as being particularly valuable or noteworthy. Exemplary ecosystem and habitat projects can come in many different forms such as development of conservation agreements, establishment or use of wetland banking, special mitigation based on research to assess wildlife movement corridors and habitat connectivity, partnering with local, State, and national conservation organizations to advance common goals, and development of ecological and environmental Geographic Information System baseline databases for use in project development and mitigation.

For more information on EEIs, please visit the website at: http://www.environment.fhwa.dot.gov/ecosystems/awards.asp.

Sustainability Project/Elements

It is likely that many projects submitted for EHEI or EEI recognition also provide sustainability benefits. We are also seeking example projects that demonstrate best practices for sustainable highways and roadways. These examples will support a new FHWA research effort. The selected projects will be used to test and evaluate preliminary criteria for assessment of sustainable highways and to identify promising innovative practices and technologies to achieve the criteria. We have included a separate form for your use to identify those projects. Please return the form when you return the EEI/EHEI nominations. Even if you do not have a nomination for the EEI or EHEI projects, please return the form with any project you feel may be helpful for this effort. We will follow up if more information is needed. If you have questions about this form and request, please contact David Carlson at david.carlson@dot.gov or 202-366-6263.

EHEI/EEI Nomination Procedure

As in previous years, there is a single nomination form for both programs available for use by those voluntarily submitting nominations. You may submit a project for the EEI, EHEI, or both programs. Each division should endorse the submission package with a brief cover letter stating approval of the nomination. We are only accepting submissions made by email this year. All submittals and questions should be sent to Julianne Schwarzer at julianne.schwarzer@dot.gov or 617-494-3259.

Thank you for your efforts in developing and submitting nominations and sustainable project information. We look forward to receiving your voluntarily submitted information.

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