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Winter/Spring Issue, Volume 1, 2006

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This Issue is Dedicated to all the Highway Workers who have 6 Months of Lessons Learned to Tell!

colapsed median
One of the many roads and people being put back together.

From the Editor:

With this week's release of the 228-page White House report about the Katrina disaster and lack of coordinated response (CNN/AP Washington, February 23, 2006), this Editor decided to print some realty news, the realty and response of the Louisiana and Mississippi Departments of Transportation (DOT) who kept working through it all! "It all" turned out to be one of the nation's deadliest natural disasters, with damage estimates approaching $100 billion. I hope that other State DOTs will learn from the transportation stories I gathered and plan disaster strategies, just in case. In pursuit of a balanced issue about highway workers in both Louisiana and Mississippi, the Editor looked at more than 600 photos of highway and adjacent neighbors. The reality of the chaotic landscape is greater than anything I have seen on the evening news and is heart-wrenching. Displaced families, broken bridges, closed schools, and flattened coastal towns dominate the coast from New Orleans eastward. Yet these are stories of hope. I heard stories of determination. I read about hope for recovery. Out of this devastation, surely something will grow and Transportation workers will be a part of it. The Nation is grateful to the hard-working men and women who went to work, the morning after, and have not stopped clearing and repairing highways for the traveling public. Thank you!

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