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Roadside Use of Native Plants

Guidance Implementing Executive Order on Invasive Species

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Subject: INFORMATION:  Guidance Implementing
Executive Order on Invasive Species
Date:  August 1999
From: James M. Shrouds
Director of Natural Environment
  Reply to Attn. of:  HEPN-30
To: Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

Each year approximately $23 billion nationwide is lost to invasive plant impacts to agriculture, industry, recreation, and the environment. An estimated 4600 acres of land are invaded daily by invasive plants. In response to these impacts and to those of invasive animal species, President Clinton signed Executive Order 13112 (E.O.) on February 2, 1999 (attached). The Invasive Species E.O., directs Federal agencies to expand and coordinate their efforts to combat the introduction and spread of plants and animals not native to the United States.

The Federal Highway Administration has developed guidance to implement the E.O. It provides a framework for preventing the introduction of and controlling the spread of invasive plant species on highway rights-of-way. Controlling invasive plants on rights-of-way can often be a complex effort involving various governmental jurisdictions, adjacent landowners and the general public. Our guidelines were developed with a goal of promoting improved cooperation, communication, and joint eradication efforts with agencies at all levels and the private sector. In order to reduce economic and ecological costs and improve eradication effectiveness, States may wish to incorporate elements of this guidance into their planning and implementation of construction, erosion control, landscaping, and maintenance measures.

A copy of the guidance is attached for your information and use. It is effective 90 days from the date of this memorandum. In addition, attached for your information is: (1) a paper providing answers to questions related to the E.O. and the implementing guidance; (2) a copy of Secretary Slater's Policy Statement on Invasive Species; and (3) the Executive Memorandum on Landscaping referenced in the E.O. If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Bonnie Harper-Lore of my staff at (651) 291-6104. Please share copies with those in the State DOTs that have responsibility for construction, erosion control, landscaping, and maintenance.

cc: Resource Center Directors

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