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Subject: INFORMATION: Guidance on Developing
Water Quality Action Plans
Date: May 28, 1996
From: James M. Shrouds
Chief, Environmental Analysis Division
Reply to: HEP-40
To: Regional Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Program Administrator

The FHWA has identified the area of water quality as an optional element of its National Strategic Plan, Environment Goal. Under Objective #1 of the goal, the FHWA will develop initiatives in cooperation with resource agencies to protect and enhance the natural environment. One initiative that can be pursued to achieve Objective #1 is to develop and implement regional or statewide water quality action plans. Plans would likely be developed in cooperation with the EPA or a State environmental agency and would identify common goals of transportation development and protection of water resources

The attached guidance is for your use in the event your office, or States within your Region, choose to initiate a coordinated effort to develop a water quality action plan. This guidance is recommended as a general outline of provisions that may be included as components of a water quality plan. They are not required specifications. We have coordinated the guidance with the headquarters office of the EPA.

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