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Great Lakes Stormwater Workshop

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)

11 Regional offices, one Main Office in Albany
9000 employees
350 capital projects +/- per year

Stormwater Program in New York State

  • Program administered by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)
    • State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES)
  • 2 general permits issued in 2003
    • Construction Activities (GP-02-01)
      • Threshold 1 acre of disturbance
      • New development vs. redevelopment
      • Standard practices vs. Alternative practices
      • Standard practices - removes 80% TSS, 40% TP
      • Water Quality Volume (WQv), Channel Protection Volume (Cpv), Overbank Food Control (Qp, 10-yr, 24-hr event), Extreme Flood Control (Qf, 100-yr, 24-hr event)
      • TMDL Watersheds (Onondaga Lake Watershed, NYC East of Hudson (EOH) Watershed)
      • 303d List Waterbodies (101 due to urban runoff or construction impacts)
      • NO monitoring of stormwater management practices (one project in NYC Watershed where the commitment has been made)
    • MS4s (GP-02-02)
      • Outfall mapping in Designated Urbanized Areas
      • Proposed Heightened Requirements in NYC EOH Watershed
  • Projects on Indian Lands in NYS authorized by NPDES Construction General Permit
  • Different criteria to meet NYC Department of Environmental Protection requirements.

NYSDOT Stormwater Management Program

  • Stormwater Management Program coordinated from Environmental Analysis Bureau in Main Office
  • Stormwater Webpage - http://www.dot.state.ny.us/eab/stormwater.html
  • Construction Projects
    • 250 projects (+/-) authorized under Phase 2 since 2003
    • MOU between NYSDOT & NYSDEC in 2003
    • Did not pursue general permit for NYSDOT
    • Design Guidance nearly final - Appendix B of Highway Design Manual, Chapter 8
      • List Activities/Projects where permanent SMPs are impractical
      • Routine Maintenance Activities
      • Minor Disturbance Projects - lessened permit requirements
    • Draft Stormwater Management Planning Guidance for Transportation Projects will be in NYSDEC publication
    • Environmental Procedures Manual Chapter 4.3 - Erosion & Sediment Control and Stormwater Management
    • Draft Erosion & Sediment Control Manual
    • Environmental Staff in Construction & Maintenance Departments in each region
    • Environmental Handbook for Transportation Operations
    • Main Office staff conduct QA/QC construction site visits to evaluate specifications, policies, guidance.
  • MS4 program
    • No written SWMP yet
    • Submitted NOI in 2003
    • Annual Reports due June each year
    • Outfall mapping in 10 regions - estimate 50,000 outfalls yet to be mapped.
  • Future Issues
    • Stormwater Crediting/Banking
    • Watershed Characterization in project development
    • Revisit Pollutant Loading Models
    • Performance Specification and Approved List for Stormwater Treatment Systems (aka Oil/Grit Separators, Water Quality Inlets, Hydrodynamic Structures, Magical Swirly Devices)
    • New Product Evaluation Committee
    • Training for contractors/consultant inspectors

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Questions and feedback should be directed to Susan Jones (Susan.Jones@dot.gov, 202-493-2139) and Marcel Tchaou (Marcel.Tchaou@dot.gov, 202-366-4196).

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