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Transportation Liaison Community of Practice
What is the Transportation Liaison Community of Practice Website?

The Community of Practice website connects transportation liaisons and managers, State DOTs, and resource and regulatory agency staff in order to enrich the services and benefits transportation liaisons provide. Join the community today to start building your network, sharing knowledge and information, and learning from other professionals in the field.

This website was established in response to the input and feedback provided by transportation liaisons at the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation during the summer of 2011 and through subsequent webinars and surveys. The website was launched in March 2012 to provide a centralized source of professional support, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities for transportation liaisons.

Since transportation liaisons are often working among two or more organizations with very different missions, the purpose and potential benefits of these positions can sometimes become blurred by the day-to-day demands of delivering complex transportation projects. Furthermore, many transportation liaisons may not have regular contact with other liaisons or professional mentors due to the dispersed nature and relatively short history of the position.

It is intended that this Community of Practice will help foster a more standardized understanding of the roles and benefits of transportation liaisons, as well as facilitate greater access to and sharing of expertise, resources, and opportunities for innovation and professional development.