Steps of the Section 106 Process

Step 1: Initiate the Process
  • Determining if a Project has Potential to Cause Effects
  • Coordinating Section 106 Review Process with Other Reviews
  • Identifying Parties to Be Consulted
  • Planning for Public Involvement
Step 2: Identify Historic Properties
  • Defining Area of Potential Effects
  • Identifying Properties
  • Evaluating Properties for National Register Eligibility
  • Determining Whether Historic Properties May Be Affected
Step 3: Assess Effects on Historic Properties
  • Applying Criteria or Adverse Effect
  • Finding of Effect: Either No Adverse Effect or Adverse Effect
Step 4: Resolve Adverse Effects on Historic Properties
  • Compiling Documentation for Consultation
  • Inviting ACHP to Participate
  • Consulting on Resolving Adverse Effect
  • Preparing Agreement Document

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