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FHWA/DOT Case Studies

Each of the following case studies summarizes the experiences of a state or metropolitan area that decided to change its approach to conducting planning and environmental processes. Focusing on the process of change, the case studies summarize why and how change was achieved, some of the challenges encountered, and a few lessons learned. Click on the title to view the complete report.

 State Case Study Planning Areas Considering Environmental Factors Topic Areas Addressed
Metropolitan Long-Range Planning Statewide Long-Range Planning Corridor Planning CSS in Planning Linking Planning & NEPA InterAgency Coordination/
Spatial Data & Tools; GIS Process Guidelines or Changes
 Alaska Anchorage Bowl 2025 Long–Range Transportation Plan x     x x      
New! Arizona Arizona Wildlife Linkages         x x x  
 California Riverside County Integrated Project (RCIP)

x   x          
 Colorado Strategic Transportation, Environmental, and Planning Process for Urban Places x     x x x x x
New! Colorado Tools and Techniques to Implement PEL     x   x     x
 Colorado Geospatial Environmental and Community Analysis in Pueblo and El Paso Counties x         x x  
 Florida Florida DOT Efficient Transportation Decision-Making Process (ETDM)         x x x x
 Florida 2025 Long-Range Transportation Plan - Hillsborough County MPO, Tampa Region x     x        
 Florida 2025 Long Range Transportation Plan Update - Volusia County MPO, Daytona Beach Area x     x        
 Georgia MPO 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan - Chatham Urban Transportation Study, Savannah Region x     x        
New! Idaho Corridor Planning/NEPA Integration Guide     x         x
 Illinois 2030 Regional Transportation Plan for Northeastern Illinois - Chicago Area Transportation Study x     x        
 Indiana Indiana's Streamlined EIS Procedures

        x x   x
 Maine Maine's Integrated Transportation Decision-Making (ITD) Process       x x   x
New! Maine Maine's Gateway 1 Strategic Plan     x     x    
 Michigan Regional 2030 Transportation Plan - Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, Lansing Region x     x        
 Michigan SEMCOG Integrates Environmental Issues in Its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) x         x x x
 Missouri Legacy 2025 - East-West Gateway COG, St. Louis Metro, Missouri and Illinois x     x        
 Missouri Missouri's I-70 Tiered EIS Process

    x     x   x
 Nevada Nevada's I-15 Landscape and Aesthetics Corridor Plan     x x   x    
 New York New Visions 2021 – Capital District Transportation Committee x     x        
 North Carolina    2030 Long Range Transportation Plan – Greensboro Urban Area MPO x     x x      
 North Carolina North Carolina's Process Improvement Initiatives           x   x
 Oregon Oregon's Collaborative Environmental and Transportation Agreement on Streamlining (CETAS)         x x    
 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Data Sharing Forum         x x x  
 Tennessee PLAN Go – Tennessee DOT

  x   x        
 Texas Texas Environmental Resource Stewards and Texas Ecological Assessment Protocol         x x x  
 Washington Destination 2030 – Puget Sound Regional Council, Greater Seattle Region x     x        
 Washington Washington DOT's I-405 Corridor Program

    x     x    
 Multi-State Mid-Atlantic Transportation and Environment (MATE) Task Force         x x   x
 Multi-State PEL Case Studies presented at the 2006 AMPO Annual Conference x           x  
 Multi-State Transportation Collaboration in the States, June 2006 x         x    
 Multi-State Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives   x x     x x x

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