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July 2014

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Figure 1: Balancing the Objectives, An Integrated Approach (Source: Woodville Highway South Corridor Study)

Extended description available at link below

Extended image description

Graphic image from Florida's Woodville Highway South Corridor Study titled “Balancing the Objectives: An Integrated Plan for Woodville Corridor.” The image is divided into three vertical sections: inputs on the left (Project Goals/Objectives) and the right (Project Participants) contribute to the Balanced Objectives in the middle.

The Project Goals/Objectives are:

  • Development & Smart Growth
    • DRIs
    • Land Development Regulations
    • Transit-Oriented Development
    • Future Land Use
    • Market Analysis
  • Local & Regional Plans
    • Leon Comprehensive Plan
    • Wakulla Comprehensive Plan
    • Hurricane Evacuation Plan
  • Transportation Plans/Programs
    • CRTPA 2030
    • NWFTCA
    • TIP (2009-2013)
    • TLCPO
  • Implementation Plans
    • Costs
    • PD&E Phasing
    • Modal Diversity
    • Funding Strategies
    • Economic Development
  • Natural Resources
    • Springshed
    • Wakulla State Forest
    • Apalachicola National Forest
    • Wetlands
    • T&E Species

The Project Participants are:

  • Public Officials
    • Leon County
    • Wakulla County
    • City of Tallahassee
    • Regional
    • State
    • Federal
  • Woodville Corridor Study Team
    • Project Management Team
    • Project Steering Committee
  • Transportation Agencies
    • CRTPA
    • TLCPD
    • FDOT
    • FHWA/FTA
    • Wakulla County Public Works
    • Leon County Public Works
    • City of Tallahassee Public Works
  • Stakeholders
    • Residents
    • Businesses
    • Property Owners
    • Recreational Users
    • Institutions
    • Tourists
    • Others

The three objectives (Transportation, Land Use, and Environmental & Neighborhood Preservation) are represented by three overlapping circles, whose intersection is labeled “Vison.”

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