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Shortening Project Delivery Toolkit

PEL Questionnaire Equivalent

Agency: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)
Equivalent Approach: Design Manual 1 [DM1] – Project Delivery Process (Process) and the Regional Long Range Transportation Guidance (Guidance)


In 2010, PennDOT finalized the integration of its Project Delivery Process with the regional Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Guidance as an overarching guidance/policy for PennDOT and its Partners/Consultants/Contractors who collectively have responsibility for advancing transportation projects through the planning and project delivery process. Implementation of the Process and the Guidance “links” the project planning and delivery processes will improve efficiency in the identification, coordination and in the advancement of Pennsylvania's transportation program.

The flexibility provided by federal law and policy, the new statewide Process and Guidance and PennDOT goals to improve the selection and overall quality of projects delivered, in terms of scope, cost, and schedule; led to the establishment of seven primary objectives for this Process:

Alignment with Equivalence Criteria

The institutionalized integration of transportation planning and environment as described in the PennDOT Process and Guidance, meets all of the FHWA required as well as all the recommended equivalence criteria. The following information describes the components that align with the criteria.

Institutionalized Process: Criteria 1 [1.; 2.a.; 2.b.; 2.c.; 2.d.; 2.e.; 3.a.; 3.b.; 3.c.; 3.d.]

The Pennsylvania Transportation Partners, which include USDOT, PennDOT, Federal and state regulatory and resource agencies, 16 MPOs, and 8 RPOs, collaborated over several years to improve the planning and project delivery process statewide. Through this coordinated effort, Partners were able to reach consensus to implement the Process and Guidance beginning in June 2011 in coordination with the 2013 TIP/STIP/Twelve Year Program (TYP) development. Specific implementation milestones are identified below:

Required Criteria: [1.; 2.a.; 2.b.; 2.c.; 2.d.; 2.e.; 3.a.; 3.b.; 3.c.; 3.d.]

The Project Delivery Process and the LRTP Guidance identify roles and responsibilities for PennDOT, MPO/RPO, regulatory and resource agency and FHWA staff. The steps to accomplish this objective are listed below:

FHWA Role [1.; 2.a.; 2.b.; 2.c.; 2.d.; 2.e.; 3.a.; 3.b.; 3.c.; 3.d.]

FHWA formally approved the Project Delivery Process on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 and participated in the review process for the LRTP Guidance, agreeing by approval to participate in the process through the following roles and responsibilities:

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Updated: 1/13/2012

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