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Linking Conservation and Transportation Planning Workshop Materials

This selection of documents provides a sample of Linking Conservation and Transportation Planning workshop presentations and conveys information that can be transferable to other states and MPOs.

Workshop Agenda

  • Colorado workshop, August 15-16, 2006: Text
  • NCTCOG (Dallas Area MPO) workshop, November 13-14, 2007 PDF (236 KB), Text

Note: workshop facilitators will work with hosts to tailor the agenda to the needs of the host agency

Overview of Workshop

  • Linking Conservation and Transportation Planning, Trish White, Defenders of Wildlife, Arizona workshop, November 8-9, 2006: PDF (268 KB), Text

Biodiversity Conservation Planning

  • Conservation Planning Overview; Jeff Lerner, Defenders of Wildlife, Arkansas workshop, May 31- June 1, 2006: PDF (4,131 KB), Text
  • Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation Planning; Patrick Christ and Pat Comer, NatureServe, Colorado workshop, August 15-16, 2006: PDF (2,226 KB), Text

SAFETEA-LU, Planning Regulations, and PEL

  • Planning and Environment Linkages: Overview and Implications of SAFETEA-LU Environmental Provisions and Final Regulations for Planning, Mike Culp, FHWA, NCTCOG workshop, November 13-14, 2007: PDF (964 KB), Text

Eco-Logical Multi-Agency and FHWA Initiative

  • Eco-Logical: An Ecosystem Approach to Developing Infrastructure Projects, Kimberly Majerus, FHWA, MARC workshop, February 21-22, 2008: PDF (840 KB), Text

Introduction to Data & Technology Resources

  • Integrating Transportation Planning with Land Use and Conservation Through Decision Support Tools, Patrick Christ, NatureServe, Arizona workshop, November 8-9, 2006: PDF (2,345 KB), Text


  • Final Report: Linking Conservation and Transportation Planning Workshops 2006, FHWA and NatureServe. Summary and conclusions, recommendations from the 3 state workshops held in 2006: PDF (71 KB), Text
  • LCTP Workshop Report Jan 2008, NCTCOG, November 2007 workshop: PDF (1,114 KB), Text
  • Draft Action Plan to Link Transportation and Conservation Planning, MARC (Kansas City area MPO), February 2008 workshop: PDF (84 KB), Text

Arizona WorkshopNovember 8-9, 2006
Arkansas WorkshopMay 31-June 1, 2006
Colorado WorkshopAugust 15-16, 2006
Dallas-area MPO, TexasNovember 13-14, 2007
Kansas City-area MPO, Missouri and KansasFebruary 21-22, 2008

For more information on the workshops, refer to the January 2007 issue of the Successes in Stewardship newsletter.

For questions or feedback on this subject matter content, please contact Jody McCullough or Marisel Lopez-Cruz.

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