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Accelerating Project Delivery

Evaluating the Performance of Environmental Streamlining:
Development of a NEPA baseline for Measuring Continuous Performance


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U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

Kreig Larson
M. U. R. P. , Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California, 1975
B. S. , Soil and Water Science, University of California - Davis, 1972
Contribution: FHWA Project Coordinator

The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

Kenneth J. Hess, A. I. C. P. , P. P.
M. C. R. P. , City and Regional Planning, Rutgers University, 1977
B. A. , Geography, University of Delaware, 1974
Contribution: Project Director

Robert S. Hutchinson
M. S. , Environmental Policy, NJIT, 1998
M. I. P. , Infrastructure Planning, NJIT, 1997
B. S. , STS, Environmental Studies, NJIT, 1995
Contribution: Data Collection Supervisor

Antony B. Mason, Ph. D.
Ph. D. , Geography, Rutgers University, 1989
M. A. , Geography, Rutgers University, 1983
B. A. , History, Swarthmore College, 1955
Contribution: Statistical Analysis

Kevin Twine, A. I. C. P.
M. R. P. , Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, 1967
B. A. , History, Wesleyan University, 1965
Contribution: Study Design

Lukas Herbert
B. S. , Geography, Arizona State University, 1998
Contribution: Data Collection

Albert Racciatti, A. I. C. P.
M. C. R. P. , City and Regional Planning, Rutgers University, 1999
M. A. , International Relations, University of Chicago, 1991
B. S. , Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, 1989
Contribution: Data Collection

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