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Successes in Stewardship is a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) monthly newsletter highlighting current environmental streamlining practices from around the country. Read this month’s newsletter: California’s North Coast Corridor Program Balances Infrastructure Demands and Environmental Stewardship.


October 2017 Back to the Basics: The Endangered Species Act and Section 7 Consultations
September 2017 INVEST Leads to Sustainability Success and Innovation at ADOT
August 2017 2017 FHWA Environmental Excellence Award Winners Demonstrate Budget-Friendly Best Practices in Stewardship
July 2017 Back to the Basics: Bridge Permitting
June 2017 NEPA Assignment Program Promotes Environmental Stewardship
May 2017 Commitment and Collaboration among FHWA and Partners Leads to Successful Atlantic Salmon Programmatic
April 2017 Back to the Basics: Improving the Quality of Environmental Documentation
March 2017 Federal Permitting Dashboard Helps FHWA Accelerate Environmental Reviews, Improves Communication with the Public
February 2017 New Integrating NEPA and Permitting Approach Provides Opportunities for States to Accelerate Project Delivery
January 2017 Back to the Basics: Understanding the Components of Section 106 Compliance


December 2016 A Year in Review: Practical Ways to Implement Takeaways from the 2016 Newsletters
November 2016 Louisiana Historic Bridge Effort Increases Preservation Opportunities and Expands Agency Partnerships
October 2016 FHWA FAST Act Guidance Accelerates Surface Transportation Project Environmental Review Processes
September 2016 Indiana Bat and Northern Long-Eared Bat Programmatic Consultation Streamlines Project Delivery and Improves Conservation Outcomes
August 2016 Featured Streamlining Practices Are Still Yielding Benefits: Five, Ten, and Fifteen Years Later
July 2016 2017 Environmental Excellence Awards to Recognize Outstanding Environmental Stewardship
June 2016 New Programmatic Categorical Exclusion Agreement Creates Potential to Accelerate Projects in Maine
May 2016 FHWA Highlights 10 Benefits of the Planning and Environmental Linkages Program
April 2016 Interdisciplinary Partnerships Help to Connect Ecosystems and Improve Roadway Safety for Wildlife and the Traveling Public
March 2016 Freeway Cap Parks Encourage Stakeholder Coordination, Reconnect Communities, and Promote Healthy Ecosystems
February 2016 More Efficient and Effective Permitting and Environmental Review Speeds Work on Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement
January 2016 Planning for Climate Change: FHWA's Climate Change Resilience Pilot Program


December 2015 Transportation Agencies Demonstrate How to Implement the Eco-Logical Approach
November 2015 The 2015 Red Book: Synchronizing Environmental Reviews for Transportation and Other Infrastructure Projects
October 2015 Using GIS Tools to Improve Project Delivery
September 2015 Livability Tools Promote Environmental Decisionmaking in Early Stages of Planning
August 2015 FHWA Encourages States to Take Action in Achieving Pollinator Health
July 2015 2015 Environmental Excellence Awards Recognize Innovative Efforts to Preserve the Environment
June 2015 New Web Resource Helps States and MPOs Improve Collaborative Transportation Decisionmaking
May 2015 Get to Know FHWA's National Transportation Liaisons
April 2015 Data-driven Success Stories Highlight Value of Programmatic Agreements
March 2015 FHWA Resources Promote Implementation of More Sustainable Pavements
February 2015 New Tool Helps Agencies Manage Transportation Assets in the Face of Climate Change
January 2015 New Handbook Encourages Streamlined, Quantifiable Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

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December 2014 Updated Guidelines Offer Uniform, Comprehensive Instructions for Conducting Effective Visual Impact Assessments
November 2014 Using Road Diets to Advance Healthy, Safe Communities
October 2014 FHWA Helps Shorten Environmental Review Process for Historic Bascule Bridge by an Unprecedented Seven Months
September 2014 New Handbook Helps States Reduce Vegetation Management Costs and Encourage Native Growth
August 2014 2015 Environmental Excellence Awards to Recognize Outstanding Environmental Stewardship
July 2014 Agency Coordination and Public Involvement Deliver Milton-Madison Bridge Project on Time and on Budget
June 2014 New York State Asset Management Framework Encourages Preservation and Sustainability
May 2014 FHWA Develops Tools to Advance Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
April 2014 Two New Categorical Exclusions Streamline NEPA Compliance
March 2014 Geographic Information Systems Inventory Helps Preserve Apache Trail's Historic Character
February 2014 FHWA Promotes Health in Transportation
January 2014 Collaborative Research Effort Identifies Effective Wildlife Crossing Practices in Utah

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December 2013 Collaboration Helps to Expedite Lake Champlain Bridge Replacement Project
November 2013 Advancing the Application of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS): The CSS National Dialog 2
October 2013 Implementing Eco-Logical: Activities to Advance Ecosystem-Scale Transportation Planning
September 2013 Tribal Case Studies Highlight Effective Intergovernmental Partnerships
August 2013 CDOT Uses Stakeholder Involvement to Streamline Environmental Review Process for Twin Tunnels Project
July 2013 Addressing Environmental Justice in the NEPA Process
June 2013 Interactive Online Tutorial Educates Users about Section 4(f)
May 2013 Using Cloud Services to Support Environmental Streamlining
April 2013 Federal and State Programs Remove Barriers to Fish Passage
March 2013 Award-Winning Projects Exemplify Streamlining and Stewardship
February 2013 States Work to Streamline the Section 106 Review Process
January 2013 Programmatic Agreement Streamlines Indiana Bat Conservation Efforts

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December 2012 Wildlife Crossings Protect Wildlife Along Maine’s Route 112
November 2012 FHWA Supports Roadway Sustainability with INVEST
October 2012 New York City Wetlands Strategy Protects Coastal Ecosystems
September 2012 FHWA Updates Section 4(f) Policy Paper
August 2012 Online Tools Help to Streamline the Environmental Review Process
July 2012 Nonmotorized Transportation Program Increases Biking and Walking
June 2012 Evaluating the Historical Significance of Utah's Bridges
May 2012 Installing Turtle-Friendly Lighting on Florida's Coastal Roadways
April 2012 Considering Freight Priorities in the NEPA Process
March 2012 Colorado DOT Analyzes Rest Area Sustainability
February 2012 Showcasing the 2011 Environmental Excellence Award Winners
January 2012 FHWA Releases a Primer on Integrating Road Safety and NEPA

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December 2011 Utilizing the Highway Right-of-Way to Generate Renewable Energy
November 2011 Oregon DOT and Siletz Tribes Protect Culturally Significant Dogbane
October 2011 FHWA Begins Development of a Community of Practice for Transportation Liaisons
September 2011 Promoting Sustainable and Livable Transportation along the Borders
August 2011 FHWA Endangered Species Act Webtool Improves the ESA Section 7 Consultation Process
July 2011 Advancing Transportation-Related Livability Goals with GIS Tools
June 2011 Preserving Historic Bridges through a Streamlined Environmental Review Process
May 2011 California Uses Advance Mitigation Planning to Link Mitigation to Conservation Goals
April 2011 Montana Links Planning and NEPA through Corridor Planning Studies
March 2011 Improving Project Delivery and Planning Through Outreach and Guidance to Tribes
February 2011 Adaptation of Transportation Infrastructure to Climate Change Impacts
January 2011 Innovative Habitat Connectivity Data Programs Inform Transportation and Land-Use Decisions in Maine

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December 2010 FHWA 2010 Exemplary Initiatives: A Showcase for Conservation and Restoration Projects
November 2010 New Jersey DOT Initiates Outreach and Stewardship for Direct Connection Project
October 2010 Maryland State Highway Administration Supports Stewardship Through Archaeology
September 2010 FHWA Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise
August 2010 FHWA's Livability Initiative Advances the Goals for Sustainable Communities
July 2010 FHWA Guidance Provides Insight on the Forecasting Process for Project Development and NEPA
June 2010 EPA Sets New Effluent Limitation Guidelines and Standards for Construction Sites
May 2010 FHWA Pilot Points to Carbon Sequestration Potential
April 2010 FHWA Eco-Logical Grant Program: Updates and Progress
March 2010 FHWA Peer Exchange on Using Corridor Planning to Inform NEPA
February 2010 Measuring Progress in Linking Transportation Planning and Environmental Analysis
January 2010 Supporting Environmental Streamlining Through Funded Positions

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December 2009 Interagency Relationships Help Bring About Planning and Environmental Linkages Agreement in Colorado
November 2009 Celebrating the 100th Issue of Successes in Stewardship
October 2009 Double Issue! - Nebraska Environmental Streamlining Workshops and ICOET 2009
September 2009 The Planning, Environment, Air Quality, and Realty Learning and Development Seminar:
Bringing FHWA Disciplines Together
August 2009 The Columbia River Crossing Project: A Model for Collaboration and Environmental Stewardship
July 2009 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: FHWA as a Leader in NEPA Reporting
June 2009 Minimizing Negative Impacts on Wetlands through the New Final Joint Compensatory Mitigation Rule
May 2009 FHWA/FTA Final Rule Update to Environmental Impact and Related Procedures
April 2009 FHWA Hosts Environmental Consultation Peer Exchange on Successful Coordination Practices
March 2009 Balancing Infrastructure Improvements with Historic Preservation: The Front Street Rehabilitation Project
February 2009 New Climate Change Initiatives for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Vehicle Miles Traveled
January 2009 Meeting Environmental Requirements After a Bridge Collapse

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December 2008 Moving Environmental Documents through the EIS Process: Effective Strategies and Approaches
November 2008 Congestion Pricing and NEPA: Environmental Benefits and Considerations
October 2008 FHWA and Caltrans Complete First Year Under NEPA Pilot Program
September 2008 Carbon Sequestration Along Highway Rights of Way: Piloting a Concept
August 2008 The 11th Street Bridges: Building Teams to Improve Outcomes and Expedite Environmental Review
July 2008 FHWA 2008 Environmental Conference: FHWA's Role in a Changing Climate
June 2008 New Professional Development Tool Introduced by the Environmental Competency Building Program
May 2008 The Hoover Dam Bypass Project: Environmental Streamlining through Multi-Agency Collaboration
April 2008 The Buckland Bridge Replacement Project:
Using Innovative Construction Techniques to Preserve a Historic District
March 2008 Section 4(f) Final Rule: New Guidance on a Complex Regulation
February 2008 Maryland's Intercounty Connector: Using Environmental Stewardship to Redefine Project Management
January 2008 FHWA Awards Grants for Ecosystem-Based Infrastructure Projects

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December 2007 Streamlining Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) through Statewide GIS Applications
November 2007 TDOT's Environmental Procedures Manual: A First-Line Resource for Environmental Reviews
October 2007 The Congestion Initiative: Working for Relief
September 2007 Design-Build Final Rule Outlines New Contracting Procedures to Streamline Project Development
August 2007 Successes in Stewardship Celebrates Its Sixth Year!
July 2007 Streamlining the Environmental Process: State DOTs Take on NEPA Compliance Responsibilities
June 2007 NHI Training Solutions: New and Updated NHI Classes for Environmental Transportation Professionals
May 2007 Federal Lands Highway: Finding an Efficient Method to Track Environmental Commitments
April 2007 Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL): Streamlining Transportation Decisionmaking
March 2007 Celebrating 50 Years of the Interstate
February 2007 The Stillwater Lift Bridge Project: From Impasse to Agreement Using Alternative Dispute Resolution
January 2007 Linking Conservation and Transportation Planning Workshops

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December 2006 Major Projects: A New Challenge in Stewardship
November 2006 Rebuilding New York City: US DOT Oversees the Reconstruction of Transportation in Lower Manhattan
October 2006 More Training Opportunities Available to Transportation and Environmental Professionals
September 2006 How Can Agencies Improve the Quality of Environmental Documents? A New Guide Answers Your Questions
August 2006 FHWA 2006 Environmental Conference: A Look at the Past, Present, and Future
July 2006 SAFETEA-LU Section 6002: Efficient Environmental Reviews for Project Decision-making
June 2006 Routine Bridge Replacement Becomes Award-Winning Historic Preservation Project in South Carolina
May 2006 Environmental Conflict Resolution: Working Together to Make Better Decisions
April 2006 Wyoming Takes a Programmatic Approach to Biological Assessment
March 2006 Eco-Logical: An Ecosystem Approach to Developing Infrastructure Projects
February 2006 Easing the Transition to SAFETEA-LU: FHWA Provides Useful Tools
January 2006 Context Sensitive Solutions:
Integrating New Principles and Practices to Address a Range of Community Needs

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December 2005 Winter's on the Way: Cleaner Roads and a Cleaner Environment
November 2005 Scenario Planning: A Holistic Approach to Integrating Land Use and Transportation
October 2005 Improving Section 106 Compliance by Improving Relationships: FHWA Tribal Consultation Workshops
September 2005 Protecting Mussels: Innovative Practices in Endangered Species Stewardship
August 2005 New FHWA Workshop Helps Clarify Indirect and Cumulative Impacts
July 2005 A New Tool for Managing Environmental Reviews: the Negotiated Timeframe Wizard
June 2005 Navigating Section 4(f): Updated Policy Paper and New Programmatic Evaluation Now Available
May 2005 The Interstate Highway System 106 Exemption: Maintaining a Unique Resource
April 2005 South Carolina's Interstate 73 Interagency Partnership
March 2005 Improving Environmental Performance in Construction and Maintenance
February 2005 The New Echota Tribal Consultation Process: Building Trust with Non-resident Native American Tribes
January 2005 Linking Planning and NEPA: Facilitated Workshops Sponsored by FHWA and FTA

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December 2004 Oh, Do You Know Where This Road Will Go?
Children's Workbook Promotes Stewardship in Mississippi
November 2004 Integrated Planning: Working to Combine Different Needs and Strategies
October 2004 Nevada's ReTRAC.info: Real-time Project Compliance information on the Web
September 2004 Bridging Multiple Objectives: The Oregon Major Bridge Replacement Program
August 2004 Formalizing Relationships with Tribal Groups: Section 106 Programmatic Agreements in Minnesota
July 2004 Programmatic Stream Restoration: Improving Project Delivery While Targeting Watershed Priorities
June 2004 Negotiating New Inroads: The Section 404 Agreement in Arkansas
May 2004 How Well Do We Work Together? Results from the Gallup Study
April 2004 Back to Basics: Maintenance & Operations Activities Improving Environmental Performance
March 2004 Texas' I-69/Trans-Texas Manual: By the Book
February 2004 Measuring the Timeliness of NEPA: Berger Study Phase II
January 2004 Protecting Invaluable Wetlands While Improving Safety and Mobility: Louisiana Highway 1

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December 2003 Facilitated Interagency Coordination in Arizona Leads to Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Operating Agreement
November 2003 Geographic Information Systems and Data-Sharing: Mapping the Future of Transportation
October 2003 Preserving a Sense of Place: Kentucky's Paris Pike Project
September 2003 Bankable Solutions for Habitat and Species Conservation
August 2003 Preserving History While Advancing Transportation: US 77 in Texas
July 2003 Committed to Excellence: Successful State Approaches to Implementing Environmental Commitments
June 2003 33 Months or Less: FHWA Study Highlights Common Sense Streamlining
May 2003 Questions and Answers: FHWA's Interim Guidance on Indirect and Cumulative Impacts
April 2003 Promoting Collaborative Conflict Management: FHWA's Guidance and Workshops
March 2003 Context Sensitive Solutions: Thinking Beyond the Pavement to Be in Harmony with the Environment
February 2003 Environmental Stewardship: The Right Way to Do Business
January 2003 At Your Fingertips: State DOT Online Environmental Reference Information

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December 2002 Tiering Can Work: Missouri's I-70 Project
November 2002 Building Capacity for State Departments of Transportation: AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence
October 2002 More than a Philosophy: Maine's Integrated Transportation Decision Making Process
September 2002 FHWA Resource Center Environmental Conferences: Talking Face-to-Face to Advance Regional Efforts
August 2002 Interagency Funding Agreements Foster Streamlining:
FHWA's Guidance on Use of TEA-21 Funds to Expedite Reviews
July 2002 Respectful Communication Accelerates the Section 106 Process: Iowa's New Tribal Consultation Process
June 2002 North Carolina's Solution: Good Mitigation, Faster Permits, Better Water Quality
May 2002 Internal Process Changes Help California Advance Streamlining
April 2002 Transportation Roster: Using Dispute Resolution Professionals to Get Past Project Delays
March 2002 Resource Mapping and Early Involvement: Arkansas' Southeast Connector to Interstate 69
February 2002 "One-Stop" Permitting: Washington State's Environmental Permit Streamlining Act
January 2002 Streamlining Section 4(f): FHWA Promotes Section 4(f) Flexibility

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December 2001 Mitigating Today to Protect for Tomorrow: Prairie Protection and ESA Consultation Streamlining in Colorado
November 2001 Saving Money and Time: Michigan's Process for Streamlining State Delegated Section 404 Permitting
October 2001 Oregon's Process of Balancing Business Needs with Environmental Concerns
September 2001 Indiana's Streamlined EIS
August 2001 Pennsylvania State Route (SR) 119 South Improvement Project

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