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Key Terms

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Feasible and Prudent

A feasible and prudent avoidance alternative avoids using Section 4(f) property and does not cause other severe problems of a magnitude that substantially outweighs the importance of protecting the Section 4(f) property. An alternative is not feasible if it cannot be built as a matter of sound engineering judgment. An alternative is not prudent if:

  • It compromises the project to a degree that it is unreasonable to proceed with the project in light of its stated purpose and need;
  • It results in unacceptable safety or operational problems;
  • After reasonable mitigation, it still causes:
    • Severe social, economic, or environmental impacts;
    • Severe disruption to established communities;
    • Severe disproportionate impacts to minority or low income populations; or>
    • Severe impacts to environmental resources protected under other Federal statutes;
  • It results in additional construction, maintenance, or operational costs of an extraordinary magnitude;
  • It causes other unique problems or unusual factors; or
  • It involves multiple factors listed in i through v above, that while individually minor, cumulatively cause unique problems or impacts of extraordinary magnitude.

Finding of No Significant Impact (23 CFR 771.121)

A document by a Federal agency briefly presenting the reasons why an action, not otherwise excluded, will not have a significant effect on the human environment and for which an environmental impact statement therefore will not be prepared. Typically completed at the conclusion of an Environmental Assessment (EA) where no significant impacts were identified.