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Environmental Review Toolkit

Interagency NEPA & Permitting Collaboration Tool (INPCT)

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The FHWA Office of Project Development and Environmental Review believes in environmental stewardship, thinking innovatively, sharing ideas, and acting in the public’s interest. We support project delivery by providing guidance and tools to facilitate interagency reviews of proposed NEPA actions.

What is INPCT?

The Interagency NEPA & Permitting Collaboration Tool (INPCT), an updated and rebranded version of eNEPA, is a web-based collaboration tool designed to aid project managers and teams throughout the NEPA process for surface transportation projects.

Why use INPCT?

INPCT provides a centralized platform to manage the development of environmental documents and facilitate real-time collaboration and interagency reviews. INPCT supports a streamlined and transparent process that improves communication and shortens the project delivery timeline by:

  • Centralizing document management into one system for tracking documents and comments
  • Enabling concurrent agency reviews in a single location
  • Allowing for schedule and milestone tracking that is easily shared across agencies
  • Supporting customized project workflows
  • Facilitating permit application development
  • Supporting management of mitigation commitments
  • Increasing transparency across project teams
  • Building a stronger project record
  • Allowing for easy data exchange with the Project and Program Action Information System (PAPAI) and the Federal Permitting Dashboard

Are you ready to use INPCT to enhance the development of your NEPA documents?
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Additional information about INPCT is available at:

INPCT Contacts

FHWA Office of Project Development and Environmental Review

Megan Cogburn
Phone: 202-366-2056

David T. Williams
Phone: 202-366-4074