Environmental Review Toolkit
Environmental Staff Directories

FHWA Office of Project Development and Environmental Review (HEPE)

HEPE Mission
To advance environmental stewardship and streamlining for FHWA-funded projects through application of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) principles and the NEPA process at the project level.

Mailing Address
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20590

Contact Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Emily Biondi Director 202-366-9482 Emily.Biondi@dot.gov
Vacant Program Assistant    
Project Development Team
The Project Development Team is the focal point for oversight and management of activities that provides policy direction and guidance to our FHWA field offices, State DOTs, and local partners in carrying out our responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and related environmental laws, as well as, for technical assistance in project related environmental streamlining, stewardship, and interdisciplinary decision-making.
Stephanie Perez-Arrieta Project Development Team Lead 202-366-1598 S.Perez-Arrieta@dot.gov
Megan Cogburn Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-2056 Megan.Cogburn@dot.gov
David Cohen Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-8531 David.Cohen@dot.gov
Lana Lau Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-2052 Lana.Lau@dot.gov
Owen Lindauer Project Development Specialist, Archeologist 202-366-2655 Owen.Lindauer@dot.gov
Neel Vanikar Project Development Specialist 202-366-2068 Neel.Vanikar@dot.gov
Robert Washington Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-4651 Robert.Washington@dot.gov
Program and Policy Development Team
The Program and Policy Development Team coordinates and manages the Office Research Funds and Policy activities; conducts strategic planning and performance management; and facilitates and directs Federal Agency, National Organization Stakeholders, and FHWA/DOT inter-office coordination on initiatives and emerging issues.
James Gavin Program and Policy Development Team Leader 202-366-1473 James.Gavin@dot.gov
Lee Ellen Carter Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-0345 Lee.Ellen.Carter@dot.gov
Christopher Hansen Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-0524 Christopher.Hansen@dot.gov
Marisel Lopez-Cruz Environmental Protection Specialist 407-867-6402 Marisel.Lopez-Cruz@dot.gov
Carolyn Nelson Environmental Protection Specialist 502-223-6765 Carolyn.Nelson@dot.gov
David Williams Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-4074 David.Williams@dot.gov
Project Mitigation Team
The Project Mitigation Team is responsible for the development of FHWA policies, regulations, procedures, and guidelines and the delivery of technical assistance related to natural resource protection and consideration of ecological impacts in the transportation decision-making process.
Carolyn Nelson Project Mitigation Acting Team Leader 502-223-6765 Carolyn.Nelson@dot.gov
Daniel Buford Ecologist 202-366-8168 Daniel.Buford@dot.gov
David Clarke Federal Preservation Officer 202-366-2060 David.Clarke@dot.gov
Susan Jones Highway Engineer 202-493-2139 Susan.Jones@dot.gov
Anne Rowe Environmental Protection Specialist 202-366-4196 Anne.Rowe@dot.gov