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SHRP2 C19 Expediting Project Delivery

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Expediting Project Delivery (C19)
Strategic Highway Research Program Product


Are your projects not meeting their delivery goals? Do you often review what happened to the schedule and hear about these kinds of constraints?

Do you want to take control of your project schedules and improve your delivery? Learn more about the expediting project delivery strategies. Consider how you can improve the way you deliver projects.


Look over recent presentations at conferences and learn how others are implementing expediting project deliver strategies to save time and money on projects.


Check out the latest webinars and plan to attend the next one scheduled!

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Read about the benefits of Expediting Project Delivery in reports and case studies from transportation agencies nationwide.

Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act or 'FAST Act'

SHRP2 Expediting Project Delivery identifies 24 strategies for addressing or avoiding 16 common constraints in order to speed delivery of transportation projects.

ADC50 Mid-Year Meeting participants

FHWA sponsored a Peer Exchange at the ADC50 mid-year meeting on July 17, 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Section 106 Programmatic Agreements.

Maricopa Association of Governments Case Study

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), the regional planning agency for Maricopa County based in Phoenix, Arizona, gathered GIS data from area partners to create an Intermountain West region Story Map. Read more >>

What is Expediting Project Delivery?

Expediting Project Delivery (C19) is a second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Capacity solution for accelerating planning and environmental review of transportation projects. This product identifies 24 strategies for addressing or avoiding 16 common constraints to expedite project delivery. It was developed by TRB and explained in their report Expedited Planning and Environmental Review of Highway Projects.

The 24 strategies are grouped into six expediting themes:

  • Improve public involvement and support;
  • Improve resource agency involvement and collaboration;
  • Demonstrate real commitment to the project;
  • Improve internal communication and coordination;
  • Streamline decision making; and
  • Integrate across all phases of project delivery.

To determine which strategies would benefit your program, review the Self-Assessment Workbook to learn how to conduct your own assessment.

What are the benefits?

The Expediting Project Delivery strategies represent innovative approaches to improve transportation decision making that result in better projects and environmental outcomes. Applying these proven strategies saves time by allowing agencies to anticipate and reduce project delays.

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