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Environmental Review Toolkit

Interagency Guidance: Transportation Funding
for Federal Agency Coordination
Associated with Environmental Streamlining Activities


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Cost-reimbursement agreements can be implemented under the following transportation authority, as appropriate:

Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU)

Section 6002 of the Act, codified in Subchapter I of chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code, section 139(j), states:

(1) IN GENERAL- For a project that is subject to the environmental review process established under this section and for which funds are made available to a State under this title or chapter 53 of title 49, the Secretary may approve a request by the State to provide funds so made available under this title or such chapter 53 to affected Federal agencies (including the Department of Transportation), State agencies, and Indian tribes participating in the environmental review process for the projects in that State or participating in a State process that has been approved by the Secretary for that State. Such funds may be provided only to support activities that directly and meaningfully contribute to expediting and improving transportation project planning and delivery for projects in that State.

(2) ACTIVITIES ELIGIBLE FOR FUNDING- Activities for which funds may be provided under paragraph (1) include transportation planning activities that precede the initiation of the environmental review process, dedicated staffing, training of agency personnel, information gathering and mapping, and development of programmatic agreements.

(3) USE OF FEDERAL LANDS HIGHWAY FUNDS- The Secretary may also use funds made available under section 204 for a project for the purposes specified in this subsection with respect to the environmental review process for the project.

(4) AMOUNTS- Requests under paragraph (1) may be approved only for the additional amounts that the Secretary determines are necessary for the Federal agencies, State agencies, or Indian tribes participating in the environmental review process to meet the time limits for environmental review.

(5) CONDITION- A request under paragraph (1) to expedite time limits for environmental review may be approved only if such time limits are less than the customary time necessary for such review.

Payments on Federal-aid Projects undertaken by a Federal Agency, 23 U.S.C Section 132

Section 132 states:

Where a proposed Federal-aid project is to be undertaken by a Federal agency pursuant to an agreement between a State and such Federal agency and the State makes a deposit with or payment to such Federal agency as may be required in fulfillment of the State's obligation under such agreement for the work undertaken or to be undertaken by such Federal agency, the Secretary, upon execution of a project agreement with such State for the proposed Federal-aid project, may reimburse the State out of the appropriate appropriations the estimated Federal share under the provisions of this title of the State's obligation so deposited or paid by such State. Upon completion of such project and its acceptance by the Secretary, an adjustment shall be made in such Federal share payable on account of such project based on the final cost thereof. Any sums reimbursed to the State under this section which may be in excess of the Federal pro rata share under the provisions of this title of the State's share of the cost as set forth in the approved final voucher submitted by the State shall be recovered and credited to the same class of funds from which the Federal payment under this section was made.

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