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ACTION: Wetland Banking and Banking Agreements


April 22, 1993


Director, Office of Environment and Planning


Regional Federal Highway Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Program Administrator

The FHWA Headquarters continues to support wetland banking and participation in wetland banking agreements and projects wherever feasible and practicable. In most cases, wetland banking projects have been successful from a biological standpoint, and have facilitated the development of highway and transportation projects.

The purpose of this memo is to provide State-by-State information on the status of wetland banking and to provide recommendations for each region on further efforts to advance wetland banking (attached). The text and tables were reviewed by environmental staff in each regional office.

Overall, the use of wetland banks is increasing and improving, but continued efforts by FHWA headquarters and field offices will be needed to reach the true potential of wetland banking. Although a number of States have multi-agency banking agreements in place, most do not include signatory participation by the Corps of Engineers. Many States are currently pursuing banking agreements, and several new agreements are expected to be finalized this year. In a few cases, State environmental agencies or administrations have expressed opposition to wetland banking or banking agreements, and several States have enacted legislation which prohibits wetland banking in most forms.

As updates on the status of various agreements are known, please provide the information to Paul Garrett of my staff at (202) 366-2067 or EMAIL-PGARRETT. We intend to release updates periodically with the next release scheduled for January 1, 1994. We appreciate the assistance and cooperation from all of those individuals providing information.


Kevin E. Heanue