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INFORMATION:  Funding for Establishment
of Wetland Mitigation Banks

Date: October 24, 1994


Associate Administrator
for Program Development

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Attn. of: HEP-42


Associate Administrators
Staff Office Directors
Regional Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Program Administrator
Director, Joint ITS Program Office


The current White House policy on wetlands has placed increased emphasis on mitigation banking. As a result, Federal resource agencies have accepted the practice of establishing mitigation banks for wetlands and other ecological impacts, and the number of highway-related mitigation banks has increased rapidly in the last 2 years.

We have received questions concerning the eligibility of Federal-aid participation for costs to acquire, restore, or establish wetlands, and also costs to sustain established, viable wetland mitigation projects. The attached guidelines address these participation issues and will help ensure that mitigation credits will not be lost, and that banked credits will be available when needed.

The attached guidelines for Federal-aid participation in establishment and support of wetland mitigation banks will provide State transportation agencies with the flexibility to meet the need to manage mitigation of wetland impacts now and in the future.

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Anthony R. Kane