Environmental Review Toolkit
Interagency NEPA & Permitting  Collaboration Tool (INPCT)

What is INPCT?

The Interagency NEPA & Permitting Collaboration Tool (INPCT) is a web-based collaboration tool designed to aid project managers and teams throughout the NEPA process for surface transportation projects. Access INPCT at https://inpct.fhwa.dot.gov/

INPCT project workspace
INPCT project workspace

Why use INPCT?

INPCT provides a singular platform to manage the development of environmental documents and facilitate real-time collaboration and interagency reviews.

INPCT supports a streamlined and transparent process to improve communication and shorten project delivery timelines by:

  • Centralizing document management into one system for sharing, tracking, editing and commenting on documents.
  • Enabling concurrent agency reviews in a single location
  • Allowing for schedule and milestone tracking that is easily shared across agencies
  • Supporting customized project workflows, including a One Federal Decision (OFD) workflow for major infrastructure projects
  • Facilitating permit application development
  • Supporting management of mitigation commitments
  • Increasing transparency across project teams
  • Building a stronger project record
  • Allowing for easy data exchange with the Project and Program Action Information System (PAPAI) and the Federal Permitting Dashboard


Upcoming Events

  • INPCT Rollout Webinar: On Thursday, March 11 from 2-3:30 pm ET, FHWA is hosting a webinar to introduce users to the new INPCT tool. During the webinar FHWA will highlight the tool’s key features and benefits, provide a demonstration of the tool, and discuss user resources and reference materials. Registration required: Click here to register for the event.