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Environmental Review Toolkit


INPCT—The Interagency NEPA & Permitting Collaboration Tool (INPCT) is an updated version of eNEPA. INPCT is a web-based collaboration tool designed to aid project managers and teams throughout the NEPA process for surface transportation projects. INPCT provides a centralized platform to manage the development of environmental documents and to support real-time collaboration and concurrent reviews among State and Federal agencies. INPCT can also help users manage project timelines consistent with One Federal Decision reporting requirements and integrates with FHWA’s Project and Program Action Information System (PAPAI).


EJSCREEN—This tool maps and screens environmental justice indicators using a nationally consistent dataset and approach. EJSCREEN provides a way to display publically-available data and includes a method for combining environmental and demographic indicators into EJ indexes.


ESA Webtool—This tool streamlines preparation of Biological Assessments (BAs) and the consultation process under Section 7 of the Federal Endangered Species Act for projects where the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is the lead federal action agency.

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ESA Webtool