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Environmental Review Toolkit
Step 9: Update the regional ecosystem framework and plan
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The goals of Step 9 are:

Ecological conditions and the knowledge base will change over time, and ideally the IEF process will change with them. Species distributions, land development, climate, and even conservation priorities will change. The conditions at priority sites and the base-mapping of resources, including successful mitigation efforts, will need to be updated from time to time. The accessibility of an interagency system will make this updating as seamless as possible and the new information readily available. This change may alter the availability or utility of some mitigation sites that were previously identified. Mitigation strategies going forward may need to be updated.

Therefore, regular progress reviews between the transportation agency and the resource agencies are needed to verify the effectiveness of the program in promoting conservation goals, mitigation strategy, and programmatic agreements.

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Step 1 -
Build and strengthen collaborative partnerships and vision
Step 2 -
Characterize resource status and integrate natural environment plans
Step 3 -
Create a regional ecosystem framework (conservation strategy + transportation plan)
Step 4 -
Assess effects on conservation objectives
Step 5 -
Establish and prioritize ecological actions
Step 6 -
Develop crediting strategy
Step 7 -
Develop programmatic consultation, biological opinion or permits
Step 8 -
Implement agreements, adaptive management, and delivery projects
Step 9 -
Update regional ecosystem framework and plan
How Eco-Logical aligns with other environmental approaches