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Environmental Review Toolkit
Transportation Liaison Community of Practice


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  • Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL): A collaborative and integrated approach to transportation decision-making that considers environmental, community, and economic goals early in the planning process and uses that information to inform the environmental review process.
  • Eco-Logical: A landscape-scale approach for planning and developing infrastructure projects that brings together infrastructure, resource, and regulatory agencies, and others, to form strong partnerships and accelerate project delivery while advancing environmental conservation and protection.
  • The Second Strategic Highway Research Program’s Expediting Project Delivery: A product aimed at accelerating planning and environmental review processes for transportation projects. It identifies 24 strategies for addressing or avoiding 16 common constraints to accelerating project delivery. Funding liaison positions is one of the strategies.
  • Every Day Counts (EDC): EDC is a State-based model that identifies and rapidly deploys proven, yet underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce traffic congestion, and improve environmental sustainability. Proven innovations promoted through EDC facilitate greater efficiency at the State and local levels, saving time, money, and resources that can be used to deliver more projects.
  • NEPA Assignment: The Surface Transportation Project Delivery Program, enacted under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, describes the assignment of U.S. DOT environmental responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other environmental laws. FHWA’s NEPA Assignment website includes copies of each NEPA Assignment State’s agreement and contains other relevant information related to the program.
  • Section 4(f) Tutorial: This tutorial is designed to help transportation professionals and other interested individuals understand the fundamental requirements of Section 4(f), which helps to preserve publicly owned public parks and recreation areas, waterfowl and wildlife refuges, and historic sites considered to have national, state, or local significance.
plus sign Accelerating Project Delivery
minus sign Accelerating Project Delivery
  • Programmatic Agreements (PAs): PAs and other programmatic approaches establish more accelerated processes for handling routine environmental requirements for commonly encountered project types. PAs usually set procedures for consultation, review, and compliance with one or more federal laws, but they can also address tribal, state, and local laws. FHWA has extensively promoted PAs through initiatives, such as EDC, and regular environmental program implementation.
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