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Environmental Review Toolkit

Archived Material

The materials on this page likely contain out-of-date information and are made available to those who are looking for more information on the history of the Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) Program.

Every Day Counts (EDC)

Background Information

PEL has been identified as one of ten initiatives to be included in a toolkit that will address shortening project delivery time. The EDC/PEL initiative focuses on the part of PEL that encourages the use of information developed in planning to inform the NEPA process. This can lead to less duplication of effort and more informed project-level decisions.

Planning and Environment Linkages Questionnaire

The PEL questionnaire is intended to act as a summary of the Planning process and ease the transition from planning to a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis.

Three documents have been developed to go along with the PEL Questionnaire. The three documents are provided below.

  • Questions and Answers about Using the National PEL Questionnaire - The information can be used to navigate the PEL Questionnaire.
  • Planning and Environment Linkages - Questions and Answers - The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed these questions and answers to provide information and guidance on the implementation of PEL. As additional questions are generated, this document will periodically be updated with additional questions and answers.
  • Criteria for Determining PEL Questionnaire Equivalents - FHWA acknowledges that several States have already developed processes and tools comparable to the PEL Questionnaire. The criteria were developed to identify and recognize equivalent approaches. An equivalent approach is a process that fulfills a similar purpose as the PEL Questionnaire to explain the requirements transportation planning products must have to be incorporated into the NEPA process.