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Implementing Ecosystem Crediting

September 2014

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Figure 1.1: The phases and milestones for building and operating an ecosystem crediting strategy

Building a Crediting Strategy Milestones
1. Feasibility checked checkbox Adequate demand & supply of credits
checked checkbox Supportive policies are in place for crediting
checked checkbox The science is available to quantify credits
checked checkbox Local leaders have the skill and willingness to implement
checked checkbox Costs of building a strategy match expected benefits/savings
2. Convening checked checkbox Identification of roles
checked checkbox List of stakeholders and requirements of them
checked checkbox List of potential challenges
checked checkbox Process design completed
3. Design (Goals & Methods) checked checkbox Clarify ecological and other program goals
checked checkbox Select field and landscape-scale credit quantification methods
3. Design (Eligibility) checked checkbox Define baseline requirements
checked checkbox Set service area boundaries
checked checkbox Establish credit project performance standards
checked checkbox Set timing, duration, and maintenance requirements for credits
3. Design (Verification, Certification, & Reporting) checked checkbox Define what gets verified, by whom, and when
checked checkbox Clarify role for agencies approving credit transactions
checked checkbox Establish reporting rules and database
3. Design (Ratios, Liability, Infrastructure, & Testing) checked checkbox Set trading ratios for uncertainty and other factors
checked checkbox Define other liability and enforcement tools
checked checkbox Build necessary infrastructure to make crediting easy
Operating a Crediting Strategy Milestones
4. Testing checked checkbox Do a test pilot to make sure the crediting strategy design matches local capacities and ecological realities
5. Agreement checked checkbox Secure formal strategy agreement with agency approval
6. Operations checked checkbox Establish strategy governance structure
checked checkbox Complete strategy user’s guide
checked checkbox Set pricing structure
checked checkbox Provide training for participants
checked checkbox Agree to business plan for sustaining strategy operations
7. Adaptive Management checked checkbox Annual report on strategy results
checked checkbox Agree to changes needed to quantification methods and strategy designs
checked checkbox List of needed information and research
checked checkbox Make strategy improvements over time

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