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Environmental Review Toolkit

Eco-Logical Webinar Series – One-Page Webinar Summary

Implement Agreements and Deliver Projects: Step 8 of the Integrated Ecological Framework
March 27, 2014

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Step 8 of the IEF

How are agencies implementing transportation projects and programs developed through the Eco-Logical approach?

What are key lessons from regional and statewide Eco-Logical implementations in Montana and California?


Brian Hasselbach, (, FHWA Montana Division

Deborah Wambach, (, Montana DOT

Keith Greer, (, San Diego Association of Governments

Liz O'Donoghue, (, The Nature Conservancy/Regional Advance Mitigation Planning in California

Key Themes

By drawing from established ecological and transportation priorities, agencies can make mitigation decisions that are timely and cost effective for delivering transportation projects. Using advanced mitigation planning, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) was able to save $200 million compared to project-by-project mitigation and reinvested some of these savings into a regional habitat conservation fund, furthering environmental and transportation benefits.

Piloting an Eco-Logical approach can provide valuable insights for future applications. ITEEM's pilot application of its approach allowed agencies to pool information, build relationships, and identify opportunities to enhance their coordination on transportation and environmental decision-making.

Highlighted Resources Overview
Implementation Documents

This brochure includes two photographs:

  • A photograph of a winding road in a forest with mountains in the background. This photograph is sliced into three sections and used as the background images for the summary title block, the Key Themes title block, and the Highlighted Resources title block. (Photo credit: Mark Stevens via Flickr)
  • Aerial photograph of a section of State Route 76, which helped provide impetus for SANDAG's TransNet program. (Photo credit: SANDAG)

For more information, contact Mike Ruth, Federal Highway Administration,