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Results of the FHWA Domestic Scan of Successful Wetland Mitigation Programs

Technology Transfer Plan

The results of the 2005 FHWA Domestic Scan Tour of Successful Wetland Mitigation Programs will be disseminated broadly throughout the Federal and State agencies involved with wetland mitigation banking initiatives. At a minimum the following forms of information exchange will occur:

  • Dissemination of final report to scan tour team members and local participants, as well as to the agency managers and decision makers involved in establishing wetland mitigation banking regulations, policies, and guidance.

  • Inclusion of a keyword-searchable, accessible version of the final report in electronic format on the FHWA Web site. Other agencies participating in the scan will be encouraged to post the electronic version of the report on their respective Web sites as well.

  • Development of a narrative Web summary and photo gallery of the scan tour on the technology transfer section of the Web site of the Center for Transportation and the Environment at North Carolina State University. Links will be established between the CTE site and applicable agency sites.

  • Development of articles for inclusion in agency/industry newsletters and professional journals. Example publications include Public Roads, Greener Roadsides, Environmental Law Institute's National Wetlands Newsletter, etc.

  • Conduct of a national satellite broadcast and Web simulcast of the scan tour results featuring a panel of scan team members and local scan tour participants. The broadcast will be produced as part of CTE's National Teleconference Series and archived on the CTE Web site as well as made available for distribution via DVD and written transcript.

  • Presentation of scan tour results at regional and national wetland mitigation/banking conferences and related events, such as the National Mitigation and Conservation Banking Conference, International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, AASHTO Standing Committee on the Environment Annual Meeting, Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, TRB Task Force on Ecology and Transportation Midyear Meeting, Annual Wetlands and Watersheds Workshop, and Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting.

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