Environmental Review Toolkit


Wetlands, coastlines, and water quality are vital parts of the natural ecosystem and require careful planning to avoid, minimize, and compensate unavoidable impacts as a result of transportation projects. FHWA provides information and guidance to Federal, State, and local agencies to assess the function of these resources and restore the integrity of the Nation's aquatic ecosystems.

For information related to specific Legislation, Regulation, and Guidance related to water resources, please visit the Natural Environment Legislation page.

Coastal Zone Management

The Coastal Zone Management Act, administered by NOAA, provides for the management of the nation’s coastal resources and includes programs such as the National Coastal Zone Management Program. This program is a partnership between coastal States and territories and the Federal government. The FHWA coordinates with the State Coastal Zone Management agency or appropriate local agencies when a proposed action is within, or is likely to affect land or water uses within, the area covered by a State Coastal Zone Management Program approved by the Department of Commerce.


FHWA’s regulations, policies, and guidance implement national floodplain goals and requirements while keeping public safety paramount and balancing flood risks, environmental stewardship, and cost in the planning, design, construction, and operations/maintenance of transportation infrastructure.

Additional Legislation, Regulation, and Guidance on floodplains, such as Executive Order 11988 “Floodplain Management,”  is available here.

Additional Resources

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