Environmental Review Toolkit

Guidelines for the Visual Impact Assessment of Highway Projects

January 2015

Figure 3-2. FHWA VIA Decision Tree – Extended Description

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Figure 3-2. FHWA VIA Decision Tree
If a proposed highway project has Federal involvement, determine if a VIA is required. If a VIA is required, determine the level of effort needed to assess visual impacts. The FHWA VIA guidelines recognize four general levels of effort and documentation: a VIA Memorandum, an Abbreviated VIA, a Standard VIA, and an Expanded VIA.

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This Decision Tree diagram shows two paths for Transportation Projects with Federal Involvement (NEPA triggered): when a VIA is not required and when it is required. If a VIA is not required, the next, and final, step is Document No Effect. When a VIA is required, the next step is Determine Level of VIA, which determines which one of the following final steps is required: VIA Memorandum, Abbreviated VIA, Standard VIA, or Expanded VIA.

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