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Types of Searches
Users can search for Biological Assessments (BAs), Biological Opinions (BOs), and Letters of Concurrence (LCs) in three different ways:
Keyword – To use the keyword search, simply type in any term and select search to see results. This type of search can be used alone or with state and/or species search.
  • Multiple-word queries are allowed, but note that phrase searches are treated as a single search term - searching for ferry dock will only return results in which the entire phrase "ferry dock" appears, and will not return results for just "ferry" or just "dock". If you wish to use multiple individual search keywords, you must add them individually, by searching for "ferry", and then adding a new search keyword "dock".
State – To use the state search, select your desired state from the dropdown menu and click Search. You may add other criteria in addition to the state search.
  • Searching for "Arkansas" will return both results that are located in Arkansas as well as results that mention Arkansas – for example results that affect the Arkansas River.
Species – To use the species search, select the species of interest from the dropdown menu. If you do not see the species you are looking for, it may not have been added to the system and/or may not have any projects associated with it. Try using a keyword search; if this does not return any results, and you believe this is in error, please contact the webmaster.
General Search Tips
  • The ESA Webtool search uses additive search criteria. For instance, a user could start by selecting a state search for Massachusetts, and then refine your search by adding a species or keyword.
  • By default, previous search criteria are not removed with the addition of a new search criterion. If you wish to clear your selected search criteria and begin a new search remove your selected criteria using the "Clear" button.
  • The search function will search titles, locations, and descriptions of projects. It will also search project documents if PDFs were generated from Microsoft Word documents. PDFs that have been scanned from a print copy cannot be searched, as they are image files.


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