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Quick Tips
The following quick tips are provided to help you complete each of the steps for the ESA Webtool's BA development and submittal process. Please feel free to Contact Us to seek clarification if a step or action is not clear. Individual states may want to supplement this with their own state-specific process and procedures.
Quick Tips
1. Draft BA
  • Create new Online File Cabinet. (DOT Lead)
  • Create accounts for document preparation team. (DOT/Authors)
  • Use National BA Template to create Draft BA document. (DOT/Authors)
  • Update status table start/end dates. (DOT/Authors)
  • Enter important comments. (DOT/Authors)
  • Indicate Draft BA status as "in progress." (DOT/Authors)
  • Post events on calendar to help coordinate team.
  • Use Files Drawer to share documents with team. (Everyone with access)
  • Change status to "complete" when draft is posted and DOT Lead has been notified. (DOT/Authors)
2. DOT/FHWA Review
  • Update status table start/end dates. (DOT/Author)
  • Enter important comments. (DOT/Author)
  • Notify DOT to initiate BA review process. (Author)
  • BA finalized by DOT/FHWA, change status to "complete." (DOT)
3. Ready to Consult
  • This task is a milestone.
  • Indicate status is "complete." (DOT)
  • Update status table start/end dates. (DOT)
  • Enter important comments. (DOT)
4. Submit to Services
  • Convert final BA documents to PDF. (DOT/Author)
  • Limit upload size to 200 MB. (DOT/Author)
  • Post files and photos separately if necessary. (DOT/Author)
  • Delete unnecessary files from Files Drawer. (DOT/Author)
  • Post final BA and supporting documents. (DOT/Author)
  • Add reviewer accounts for Services. (DOT)
  • Verify that reviewers have received invitation. (DOT)
  • Update status table start/end dates (135 days). (FHWA)
  • Enter important comments. (DOT)
  • Indicate that submittal to Services is “in progress.” (DOT)
  • Change status to "complete" when Letter of Concurrence or Biological Opinion is issued. (DOT)
  • Only DOT or FHWA has the authority to submit the BA to the Services.
5. Concurrence or BO
  • Post Letter of Concurrence or BO to Files Drawer. (DOT/FHWA)
  • Make sure all steps are set as “complete” in status table. (DOT)
6. Re-initiation
  • Edit status table re-initiation. (DOT)
  • Set start/expected end dates. (DOT/Author)
  • Set status to "in progress." (DOT/Author)
  • Post amendments to Files Drawer. (DOT/Author)
  • Update status table once process is complete. (DOT)
7. Archive
  • Download vital information to "Completed Drawer" and archive according to agency policy once project is complete. (DOT)
  • Remember to redact any site-specific or location specific information to ensure the continued protection of any listed species in the site vicinity. (DOT)
  • Do not delete Online File Cabinet.
  • If you are archiving a project completed before national launch of this site ou may want to consult the ESA Webtool's Archiving Tip Sheet.


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